vendredi 7 novembre 2014

MYOG: Make Your Own Gear

Nos amis de chez MYOG apporteront quelques lots qui seront distribués aux vainqueurs : des hip pouch Sulfites à l’image de la Gogooo Hellcross et des trousses à outils.

Un grand merci à eux !!!

jeudi 6 novembre 2014

Meeting points

Saturday ride and concert

Place Saint-Pierre 13/14
7500 Tournai

In front of the O'Malley's Pub

GPS :  50.606472, 3.391444 

Sunday ride

It is at the "Plaine des Manœuvres" near "La maison de la Culture":

Avenue des Frères Rimbaut
7500 Tournai

GPS : 50.604569, 3.381532
It is only 1.5km from the saturday afternoon ride meeting point and concert location.

NB: Tournai may be named Doornik on some road signs (depending on whether you are in Flanders or Wallonia).

lundi 3 novembre 2014

Singleeuro CDs

during the races on Sunday morning, there will be a box at the bar with CDs for sale € 1 in favor of the BELGIAN BRAIN TUMOR SUPPORT Association.

Moreover, if some of you want to get rid of certain elements of their CD collection (only original CDs), they can add them into the box.

so prepare coins of 1 euro! ;-)

samedi 1 novembre 2014

Gogooo week-end schedule


13:00: ride around Tournai
18:00: registrations open
20:00: gigs until the end of the night!


9:30: races for geared...10:30: races for singlespeeders...

...until 16:30 (2 sessions and a BIG final)!

Thanks LeDav, Nikosss, Mike, Oui-Oui and Djef for the organization